Keller school district earns top rating for costs efficiency

You may or may not have been keeping up with the budget woes in the Texas education system, but locally my school district has been met with a dwindling state budget and a slowed population growth coupled with a decrease in property values.   This has created a cause for heightened awareness of the ISD’s budget and spending.  The Keller Independent School District has a five star-rating for “achieving success in the classroom while holding costs down.”  I am sure this will get the ire of some folks who will read the Startlegram or the local rag, but I am sure most in the district will never see or hear of this news.  Why? Apathy, but that is another conversation.

I applaud the district administration and the trustees for working diligently to keep this rating, the only district in Tarrant County, after achieving it last year.  Several residents will be and are upset that they pay school taxes and then are now being charged for their children to ride the bus.  While I spur one trustee on about this, I applaud the trustees for focusing their spend in the classroom.  I do feel their are cuts in high school administration that could help put more money in the classroom.

I am glad to see that Keller ISD, while stepping up and trying to get more funding from the property owners, still find a way to maintain that 5 star rating when other comparable districts in the area are losing stars.

Keep up the good work, Dr. V and the trustees.  Keep the eye on increasing our state academic ratings and test scores and spending taxpayer’s money in a responsible fashion.  Some of us are still rooting you on.


2 Responses to Keller school district earns top rating for costs efficiency

  1. love your post, keep rockin dude! thumbs up!

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